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It is the goal of ARDX STDL to provide fast yet accurate results to insure prompt initiation of appropriate therapy. To that end, we offer:

• Consistent and detailed diagnostic reporting framed in the language of clinical dermatology.

• Rapid turn-around time with 90% of routine cases reported within 24-48 hours.

• Ready availability of dermatopathologists to discuss individual cases via telephone or e-mail. Indeed, such interactions   are encouraged, when indicated, to allow for optimal patient management.

• Several options for accessing patient reports. These reports may be faxed, mailed, retrieved online, or delivered locally   by our in-house courier. If you are interested in retrieving reports online, please contact Diana Moffett or Email her
  at [email protected].

If you are already set up to access your reports online click here to connect to that service.

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